Estimate savings

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Fongo estimates savings by comparing Fongo's call rates to standard published call rates available from Canada's national wireless carriers. An individual's savings will depend on the specifics of their carrier plan. Our estimated savings are illustrative examples of potential savings and should not be interpreted as a guarantee that another customer will achieve the same savings.

Fongo Call Costs:

Fongo call costs are calculated using the exact call rate paid by the customer at the time the call was placed plus an estimated data fee if the call was placed over a 3G/4G wireless network. Fongo call rates are subject to change without notice, see full terms of service at

Long Distance and Roaming Rates:

Savings are calculated using the standard long distance and roaming rates published online by Canada's national wireless carriers as of January 1, 2012. Rates used in these calculations assume no bundles, travel packages, or promotional pricing plans have been applied to the subscriber's account. When multiple rates exist within a single calling destination, the lowest published standard rate is used in the calculation.

Local Calling:

The cost of local calling voice minutes/airtime is calculated using the CRTC's June 2011 report on price comparisons of wireless services in Canada ( An airtime rate of $0.14/minute is used for all incoming and outgoing calls, based on an average of Level I and II users from the report and the lowest available rates for voicemail and caller ID services.

Data Fees:

Fongo calls not placed over WiFi require the customer to have a data plan from a wireless carrier. The rate of $0.025/MB is used for estimating data costs associated with non-WiFi calls on Fongo, along with a consumption rate of 0.5MB per minute of Fongo calling. Calls placed over WiFi assume no cost for WiFi connectivity.