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be free! Only $4.95* per month

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Compare us to the competition in home phone service and you be the judge.

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Unlimited free calling
All calls to our Free Calling Cities are free. Fongo to Fongo calls are free no matter where you’re calling from.

Feature-rich offerings
Receive a free phone number or keep your current one. Enjoy free voicemail, free caller ID, free call waiting, free call forwarding, free voicemail to email, 911 service, and more.

Fast, simple setup
No technician is required for set up. Just plug it in and you’ll be connected in seconds. All you need is a high speed internet connection and your current home phone.

Portable convenience
Take Fongo Home Phone with you to your vacation home and keep making free calls as if you’re still local.

*Plus $59 $29 one-time fee for Fongo Adapter - LIMITED TIME OFFER